A Queer bird in the middle east on Tempo documentary film festival
A Queer bird in the Middle East formerly known with the working title 'A gay love story in the middle east', will have its premiere at tempo documentary film festival and also compete for the tempo short award. 
the screening dates will be announced on the 7th of February. 
Here are all the other films selected for TEMPO.​​​​​​​
HarAm, Honey!
The Uneven is teaming up with Malmö Guerrilla queer bar to create a magical night with short films and party. 
The event is supported by Malmö stad and Panora. We will later annonce other sponsors that will support with goodie bags for the first guests during our event on the 8th of December at 20. The announcement will be This Sunday at 15! 
a gay love story in the middle east
A gay love story in the Middle East is in post production. it's officially a co-production with SVT and Film I Skåne, with the support from the Swedish Film institute. 
The Uneven at producer's network in cannes  
Naures and Michael were invited to producer's network at festival de cannes. they presented the love pill for an an audience during a queer palm event and at the OpN-Mic event at the producer's club. 
The love Pill A Part of the talent project market at Berlinale 
the love pill was selected for the talent project market at Berlinale where naures and michael pitch the film. Michael was selected as a Berlinale talent. 
The love Pills Wins audience award 
the Talent to Watch program was presented, at Göteborg Film Festival, with pitches for ten Swedish features in development. Queer rom-com The Love Pill by director Naures Sager won the Audience Award for Best pitch.
– We're so happy that the audience appreciated our crazy rom-com about queer Middle Eastern superstars. Thank you for this huge honour! says writer-director Naures Sager.
final stage of casting 
We are in the final stage of casting the two lead roles for naures debut feature film: The love pill. ​​​​​​​
The uneven is pitching The Love Pill at Göteborg Film Festival
10 project have been selected to pitch at the Nordic Film Market at Göteborg Film Festival. Read more about it on the brochure.
The uneven in the show sverige! on svt play 
If your living in Sweden you can get a glimpse of our new feature film project in the show sverige
Habib & The Thief reaching a swana audience 
Habib & The Thief is still touring around the world and has been reaching a swana audience which is very important for us. It has been screened at the arab film and media institute in san francisco, the arab american national museum in dearborn (Michigan), the soura film festival in berlin and the streaming service shasha movies.
Naures was interviewed for the Arab film festival with fellow filmmakers Sarah Kaskas, Karina Dandashi and Dania Bdeir, whose films are all part of this year's Queer Lens shorts program. This discussion was moderated by Raed Rafei, filmmaker and PhD candidate in Film and Digital Media at the University of California. click here to watch it:
Naures as host at the Frame film festival
Naures was the host for the frame film festival gala at bio ROY in gothenburg. 
Best project award for the love pill  
The Love Pill wins Best Project Award at the Norwegian International Film Festival Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the warm welcome and all the love and support. 
Here is an article from Variety about us. 
Screening at Copenhagen pride 
A screening of the two short films 1-1 and Habib & The thief, and also a work in progress of the mini documentary filming a gay love story in the Middle East. 
including a panel discussion with filmmaker Naures sager and producer Michael Detlef. 
Screening at Stockholm pride 
A screening of the two short films 1-1 and Habib & The thief, and also a work in progress of the mini documentary filming a gay love story in the Middle East. 
including a panel discussion with actors Robert hannouch and siham shurafa.
habib & the thief release on sVT and SVT Play
'Habib & the thief' on SVT TV the 4th of August at 22:45 and also on SVT PLAY to stream whenever you want!  

Screening At oslo pride
A screening of the two short films 1-1 and Habib & The thief, and also a work in progress of the mini documentary filming a gay love story in the Middle East. 
including a panel discussion with filmmaker naures sager and producer Michael Detlef.
Naures sager's speech at cannes film festival 
Naures was invited to hold a speech about his work and activism at the Change event for WIFTI and the hollywood reporter at cannes film festival 2022. 
Habib & The Thief At Malmo Arab film festival
Industry days - Case Study with screening of Habib & the thief. Panel discussion with producer Basel Mawlawi and film short film consultant Ludvig Hedlund and filmmaker naures sager.  thank you Maff for the support! 

habib & the thief wins best film class 4 at pixel film festival
'Habib & the thief'  gets best short film class 4 at skånes pixel filmfestival. 
It was arranged by filmcentrum syd and Malmo queer film festival. 
The uneven on SVT News
sVt news made an interview with naures sager about his upcoming short film 'Habib & The thief' and his recently released debut single 'mako mithli'.
see video and read more:
Naures Sager event at world pride 2021
A magical event at World Pride Malmö  2021 at panora. We screened a work in progress  of our mini-documentary 'filming a gay love story In the Middle East', the short film '1-1', and a work in progress of 'Habib & the thief' .
It was arranged by filmcentrum syd and Malmo queer film festival. 

Habib & The Thief Festival Turné
Our short film Habib & the thief has been selected for Leeds film festival, stockholm film festival and New Orleans film festival. 
See more on our page:

World Premiere for Habib & the thief at Uppsala short film festival
The poster for Habib & the thief is out and you can see more about the short on our page:

MAKO MITHLI release 
Naures debut single 'mako mithli' is released which also is the soundtrack for the new short film 'Habib & The Thief'.

ALL actors have been chosen
We have found all actors . See there Instagram below.

Skissernas Museum Podcast interview 
Brown Bag Lunches had a nice interview with Naures Sager. 
Interview in Swedish. 
Interview with Naures sager in Nöjesguiden
 Thank you Kasia Syty for the lovely interview.

1-1 wins another award
Our baby film '1-1' has had a marvellous year. It has traveled all over the world, including Hong Kong, USA, Greece, Serbia, Netherlands and the UK. We are delighted that so many people took it into their hearts. It’s been nominated and won several awards. The latest award being the Jury’s Choice Award for the Thomas Edison Black Maria Film Festival. The festival is celebrating 40 years and is a Canadian Screen Awards qualifying festival. Congrats to the cast and crew and everyone who believed in this film including film commissioner Ami Ekström at Svenska Filminstitutet and commissioning editor Hanna Sohlberg at Film i Skåne ❤️❤️❤️
SVT Play , Hong Kong, Texas and cape Cod!

​Our short film 1-1 will be released during Pride on SVT Play
26th of July 2020
www.svtplay.se (under the name Sexdejt: 1-1)

It has also been accepted to the following film festivals:

Woods Hole Film Festival (online edition)
25th of July to 1st of Aug 2020

aGLIFF (online edition)
6th to 26th of Aug 2020

Hong Kong Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 
12th to 26th of September 2020

Skånska dagbladet article 
tack gunilla wedding för en fin artikel. 
1-1 and Naures sager wins prize at pixel film festival 
1-1 won best film klass 4 at pixel skånes film festival and naures sager won pixel talent award 2020 which will consist of a production fund of 300 000 set to his coming short film "ana mithai" which is a way of saying "I'm gay" in arabic. 
World Premiere for 1-1 at sundsvall film festival Fest
make sure to get your ticket!
It's love: 1-1
the uneven project "1-1 is selected as one the five short films to be produced for "it's love" which is a collaboration between the swedish film institute and all the regional film centers. 
"Ayman's sex date with Jonas gets interrupted by his friends which takes a positive turn". 
MAFF Development fund
Our movie Habib & the thief receives a development fund prize at Malmö Arab film festival.  it's a huge honor for us to take home this prize and to get the support from an arabic film festival. Habib & the thief is a story about two arabic men who fall in love but  meet a treat from the Arab world. 

Article in sydsvenskan
Thank you Alexander agrell for a great article in sydsvenskan!! 
Bon Magazine feature
We have been featured in the lovely bon magazine with an article about our work. check it out on the following link:
I am reva will be part of the Palm Springs international shortest this year. although it won't be in the festival line up, it will be shown at the film market. the festival will take place June 17-23, 2014. 
I AM REVA at Malmö Arab film festival 
The Uneven is proud to announce that I AM REVA is officially selected for the 5th Malmö Arab Film Festival. MAFF is the leading and largest film festival focusing on Arab Cinema in Europe. I AM REVA is selected for the Anti Racism Program. This is the description we received:

”Anti Racism is the overall theme for the whole Malmö Arab Film Festival 2015. The theme is presented by an official panorama. The films in this panorama represent different aspects of people from different backgrounds and cultures, with different premises and living conditions, and how they interact with their community and fellow human beings. A set portrait of how people in different situations related to being regarded as the ’others’, or to interact with the ’others’.”
I AM REVA will be screened on October 3, 2015, at 14.30, in Spegeln. 
 For more information visit maffswe.com

Palm Springs international shortest - film market
I am reva will be part of the Palm Springs international shortest this year. although it won't be in the festival line up, it will be shown at the film market. the festival will take place June 17-23, 2014. 
For more information visit: www.psfilmfest.org 

The outrage over the invitations 
Here are some of the articles that were written about the I am Reva invitations. it was widely discussed on tv, radio, and social media. it even reached Norwegian news. 
Tanker kring inbjudningarna 
Minst lika jobbigt är det att få ett utvisningsbeslut som det är att behöva vänta på det.

Ännu jobbigare är det att tvingas välja att bo kvar i ett land trots utvisningen dvs leva som "papperslös".

Det är inte i brevet i sig som obehaget ligger utan i allt runt omkring.

För att sätta frågor i rätt perspektiv krävs det att man lämnar sin egna kropp en liten stund. Man måste börja med att betrakta sig själv innan man kan betrakta andra. Utsatthet räknas i relation till omvärlden.

Mitt jobb som filmskapare är att väcka tankar och trigga igång känslor. Inne i biografen sker bara en liten del av arbetet. Utanför biografen pågår det verkliga livet.

Jag har bett tillräckligt mycket om ursäkt för min handling. Det är dags att gå vidare till de riktiga frågorna. Första steget är upplysning. 

/Naures Sager

Att vara papperslös ska inte förväxlas med att vara asylsökande. Att vara papperslös innebär att man har fått avslag på sin asylansökan men på grund av olika omständigheter har valt att gå under jorden och bo kvar i landet gömd. Det kan bero på att man har haft en orättvis asylprocess och inte kan återvända. Som papperslös saknar man vissa grundläggande mänskliga rättigheter och kan inte leva ett normalt liv. 

REVA-projektet är ett samarbete mellan Migrationsverket, Polisen och Kriminalvården som går ut på att få fler papperslösa att lämna landet.  Projekt Reva utvecklar personalens arbetsmetoder vad det gäller administration, dokumentation, flöde och uppföljning. Om en person inte frivilligt lämnar landet blir han/hon efterlyst och ärendet går över till polisen. 
109 well-known swedes have received deportation letters
Today 109 well-known Swedes have received deportation letters as an invitation to see the film I AM REVA. Among them are politicians, artists, comedians, journalists, etc. 

Our intention has not been to upset anyone. We chose these people because we wish for them to discuss the matter of Undocumented Immigrants. We wanted to make the list as versatile as possible. Many of them are chosen because we respect and admire their opinions. We trust that they will overlook the execution.

The reason why we chose to send out deportation letters is the gravity of the matter. This is a letter many people have to wait to read. By sending them out to Swedish citizens we wanted to raise a thought and we hope for more voices to be heard.

Our sincerest apologies go out to anyone who got offended by this action. 
Fredrik Reinfeldt - Jimmie Åkesson - Tobias Billström - Nyamko Sabuni - Gina Dirawi - Robin Carlsson - Roy Andersson - Regina Lund - Gabriela Pichler - Prins Carl Philip - Maria Holm - Jonas Åkerlund - Johan Renck - Noomi Rapace - Dror Feiler - Rossana Dinamarca - Bengt Berg - Sara Mohammad - Pernilla August - Martin Kinnunen - Lars Wilke - Arne Steen - Thomas Åvall - Nathalie Bödker-Lund - Kristin Lundell - Linus Bylund - Jan Björklund - Göran Hägglund - Miranda Sigander - Paulina Danielsson  -Kent Ekeroth - Jan Guilliou - Håkan Hellström - Laleh Pourkarim - Josef Fares - Makode Linde - Mikael Wiehe - Isabella Löwengrip - Christer Nilson - Carolina Gynning - Cissi Wallin - Tobias Regnell -Johan Wirfält -Jacqueline Kothbauer - Adrianna Pavlica - Suzanne Glansborg - Magnus Betner - Elisabeth Löfgren - Mona Sahlin - Hanne Mathisen - Anatilde de Paula - Åsa Linderborg - Clas de Faire - Lorine Talhaoui - Gudrun Schyman - Tomas Matsson - Tarik Saleh - Nabila Abdul Fattah - Henning Mankell - Björn Runge - Elin Maria Schwartz - Helena Krantz  - Mariana Otelea - Tomas Eskilsson - Erik Ullenhag - Jonatan Södergren - Maria Domellöf Wik - Fredrik Edin - Lukas Moodysson - Jonas Hassen Khemiri - Martina Montelius - Frida Boisen - Hans Wallenstam - Antonia Ax:son - Fredrik Wikingsson - Ulf Kristersson - Malou Von Sivers - Carina Berg - Andra Lasmanis - Janne Josefsson - Carolina Falkholt - Oskar Sonn Lindell - Martin Schibbye - Viggo Cavling - Navid Modiri - Nour El Refai - Beatrice Ask - Carl Bildt - Jason Diakité - Anna Odell - Ruben Östlund - Baker Karim -Suzanne Osten - Kenza Zouiten - Athena Farrokhzad - Nahid Persson - Alexander Bard - Ellinor Olovsdotter - Frej Larsson - Lykke Zachrisson - Örjan Ramberg - Johan Hilton - Jonas Sjöstedt - Gustav Fridolin - Ana Rab - Stefan Löfvén - Margret Atladottir - Jonas Gardell - Katrin ZytomierskA
The invitations are out
We decided to invite some of the people we think should see our film I am reva at göteborg international film festival 2014.

I AM REVA will premiere at göteborg international film festival
I am reva will premiere at göteborg international film festival on January 26, 2014
here are the dates for the three screenings:
26 Jan, 12.30, Folkteatern
28 Jan, 20.00, Haga2
2 Feb, 10.00, Haga2
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